Gold @ 40,000 by Dhanteras 2020; sit tight and remain invested

Gold, as an asset class, has been giving more than 6 percent (CAGR) in the last five years. We expect gold will cross Rs 40,000 by next Dhanteras.

Jewellers in a knot as importers cancel 30% order due to volatile gold prices

Back-breaking import duty and high gold prices have already put the industry into the doldrums.

Gold demand likely to stay strong in October: WGC

Gold holds firm as souring trade spat hurts risk appetite Gold tests a crucial support Against the a backdrop of an easy monetary policy adopted by central banks globally, continued geopolitical uncertainty with the looming Brexit deadline

Gold hallmarking to become mandatory

The Centre has revived its intention to make hallmarking mandatory for gold jewellery and plans to notify the regulation in WTO in a week time, a top official said. Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) Director General Surina Rajan. said India being a signatory to the World Trade Organisation (WTO), it is required to notify the WTO before introducing any mandatory regulation, she said.

Buy gold at any level, says Mark Mobius

Veteran investor Mark Mobius gave a blanket endorsement to buying gold, saying accumulating bullion will reap long-term rewards as leading central banks loosen monetary policy and the rise of cryptocurrencies serves only to reinforce demand for genuinely hard assets. Prices climbed.

Gold Survey Shows Bulls In Full Control

The gold bears had their chance to take control of the market but failed, and now the bulls are in full control as both Wall Street and Main Street expect to see higher prices in the near-term as uncertainty dominates financial markets.

Safe Haven - Look no Further than Gold

Markets are skittish and the pace and force of financial crises have taken a frightening turn for the worse. It seems like the fuse gets shorter between each crisis.We barely catch our breath from one when confronted with the next. Looking back three decades a crisis had taken place, on average, every three years.

Money Makes the World Go Around - Is Gold Money?

That’s the question Rep. Ron Paul asked Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke during a congressional hearing in the summer of 2011. Bernanke answered, “no” and went on to say the reason why central banks hold gold is due to “tradition”.

Difference Between Spot and Futures Gold Rates Knowing the terms

For an average person, the world of trade and markets can seem daunting, with unknown terms thrown around on a regular basis. The first step for any keen investor, be it an amateur or a professional is to know what they are getting into, to test the waters before they take a swim (in a way). Gold is no easy commodity to own, with prices digging deep into your wallet, but the returns are often worth the investment..